Fitting Your Vault Case

Carefully removing the locking screw with the hex wrench (the longer end)

by turning it gently (counter-clockwise).


Opening up the frames and placing your iPhone 6 (or iPhone 6 plus)

between the four corner plastic bumpers.  Making sure the rear camera

of your iPhone 6 is on the same side as the rubber feet of the case.


Gently closing the frames and making sure the mounting holes are aligned

properly, then secure the locking screw by turning it with the hex wrench

gently (clockwise).  * Make sure you don't over-tightening or stripping the

locking screw by excess force.


Twist on (clockwise) the fourth rubber foot over the locking screw with your 

hand or with a small tweezer until it is tighten.  *To prevent rubber foot from

coming loose we highly recommend applying a small amount of Loctite or

similar thread locking glue (you can find it at most hardware stores) prior

to assembling the rubber foot.